Helios Group has recently announced in a statement that it will list PNP coin on its new regulated HeliosDAX exchange on New year’s day 2023. It further asserted that PNP coin, the world’s first cryptocurrency with a regulatory framework, caters to the new digital economy and ensures that the data is safe and secure.

The cryptocurrency industry doesn’t follow tradition, it salutes innovation. This was one of the top reasons why the cryptocurrency industry had massive growth in the past couple of years. However, a recent spate of hacks on Solana and the crash of Terra Luna, both of which wiped out millions from investors’ crypto wallets, have put the spotlight on the financial risk of investing in unregulated markets.

Unregulated markets are an invitation for fraudsters, scam artists, and online thieves to exploit unprotected digital networks. Investors are always at risk of getting scammed because they are unable to tell if the exchange they are placing their hard-earned money in is a legitimate network or not. The emergence of Web 3.0 and the inadequacy of regulatory and government frameworks on applications of Web 3,0 have stumped even the multi-billion dollar legal tech industry. Therefore, governments all over the world are keen on regulating cryptocurrency.

According to Helios Group, its next-generation blockchain based-platform, HeliosDAX, has addressed these problems and ushered in a safer and more transparent crypto space for users. PNP coin on HeliosDax solves the issues of data privacy, data management, content monetisation, as well as governance in web 3.0.

“The listing of PNPCoin on HeliosDAX will fill the limitations of the trillion-dollar web 3.0 industry without compromising the benefits of blockchain technology. We’re building a platform that will have a unique universal token that will solve the entire governance framework by working with major governments. We are investing, building, and integrating blockchain solutions in the metaverse, NFT, and web 3.0 platforms. Our solutions are securing the blockchain ecosystem and simplifying the use of cryptocurrencies in a government-friendly way,“ said the statement by Helios Group.

With many governments tabling bills to reduce illegal activities and scams that are facilitated by unregulated crypto exchanges and crypto companies calling for resolving regulatory uncertainties, the initiative by Helios Group to regulate all currencies on its HeliosDAX exchange is a welcoming move.

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