March 22, 2023

The Annual Information Statement (AIS) provides a thorough overview of the data for a taxpayer. The AIS displays both the reported value and the modified value i.e., value after taking taxpayer feedback into account.

A vital section in the AIS is the Taxpayer Information Summary (TIS) which includes important information summary of the taxpayer.

What is Taxpayer Information Summary (TIS)

The Taxpayer Information Summary (TIS) is an information summary for a taxpayer that has been aggregated by category. Under each information category, it displays processed value i.e. value produced as a result of information deduplication based on pre-established rules and derived value i.e. value arrived at after taking taxpayer feedback into account and processed value. The derived information in the TIS will be used for prefilling of return, if applicable.
You will be shown various details within the Taxpayer Information Summary such as,

• Information Category

• Processed Value

• Derived Value

Further, within an Information Category following information is shown:

• Part through which information received

• Information Description

• Information Source

• Amount Description

• Amount (Reported, Processed, Derived)

How to download TIS

Step 1: Login to Income tax portal

Step 2: Go to ‘services’ and click on Annual Information Statement

Step 3: Click on ‘Proceed’ and click on tab ‘AIS’

Step 4: In the next page, click on ‘Taxpayer Information Statement’

Step 5: Click on ‘Download’ tab

The PDF that you download will be password-protected.

What is the password to open TIS?

You must enter the PAN (in lower case) and either the date of incorporation or formation for non-individual taxpayers or the date of birth for individual taxpayers in the format ddmmyyyy without a space in order to open the file. For example, if your PAN is AAAAA1234A and your birthdate is January 21, 1991, your password will be aaaaa1234a21011991.

Once you download the TIS, you will find statement which includes the disclaimer: “Taxpayer Information Summary (TIS) includes information presently available with Income Tax Department. There may be other transactions relating to the taxpayer which are not presently displayed in Taxpayer Information Summary (TIS). Taxpayer is expected to check all related information and report complete and accurate information in the Income Tax Return.”

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