(SBI) customers must submit the details of cheques in accordance with the Positive Pay system’s requirements before presenting a high value cheque. This is an effort to stop frauds committed using altered or tampered cheques.

According to the SBI website, “Effective from the date of implementation of mandatory clause in PPS, cheques for amounts equal to & above account level limit/ Savings Bank cheques of Rs.5 lakhs & above/All other account type (CA/CC/OD) cheques of Rs.10 lakhs & above for which correct lodgment details are not provided in Positive Pay System would be returned unpaid.”

Customers need to provide the following details of cheques issued for and above account level limit selected to Positive Pay System:

1. Account Number

2. Cheque Number

3. Cheque Date

4. Cheque Amount

5. Beneficiary (Payee) Name

6. Instrument Type (Two-digit number on right bottom on MICR band)

Bank customers can submit high value cheques at SBI bank branches or through alternate online channels like retail internet banking and corporate internet banking, Mobile Banking (YonoLite), YONO (Mobile App) & SBI Quick (SMS).

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How to submit SBI high value cheque details by visiting branch

One can present the cheque along with Annexure II by filing it with cheque details.

(Click here for
Annexure II)

Note that if the details don’t match, the bank will return the cheque unpaid at its sole discretion, and in those circumstances, customers will not be in a position to claim against the bank for the cheque’s dishonor.

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