You can create multiple profiles of your family members using the mAadhaar app. The mAadhaar App only allows users with Aadhaar’s that are linked to registered mobile numbers can create Aadhaar profiles. They can create a profile in a smartphone app by doing so. However, only their registered mobile would receive the OTP. The following are the steps to register an Aadhaar profile:

The official mobile app mAadhaar was developed by UIDAI to give Aadhaar card holders a way to carry their demographic data on their smartphones. The mAadhaar app can be utilised at any time, wherever in India.

According to the UIDAI tweet, “You can add up to 5 #Aadhaar profiles in your #mAadhaar app. OTP for authentication is sent to the registered mobile number of the Aadhaar holder. Download and install the #NewmAadhaarApp from: (Android) (iOS).”

Steps to register Aadhaar profile are given below:

Step 1: Launch the app.

Step 2: Tap on the Register Aadhaar tab on the top of main dashboard

Step 3: Create a 4 digit Pin/Password(memorize this password, as it will be required to access profile)

Step 4: Provide Valid Aadhaar & enter valid Captcha

Step 5: Enter Valid OTP and submit

Step 6: The profile should get registered

Step 7: The registered tab would now display the registered Aadhaar Name

Step 8: Tap on My Aadhaar tab on the bottom menu

Step 9: Enter 4-digit Pin/Password

Step 10: My Aadhaar Dashboard appears

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