Aadhaar is a verifiable 12-digit identification number issued by UIDAI to a resident of India. It is crucial to ensure that the information in one’s Aadhaar is accurate and up-to-date.

Here is a look at how you can update your Aadhaar details and much it will cost.

In order to access Aadhaar Online Services, a registered mobile number is required. the mobile number cannot be updated online. To update your mobile number, you must visit the nearest Aadhaar Seva Kendra (ASK) or Aadhaar Enrolment Update Centre.

Fee involved in updating Aadhaar details

1. Mandatory Biometric Update – FREE

2. Demographic Update (Any type) – Rs. 50/- (Inclusive of GST)

3. Biometric Update – Rs. 100/- (Inclusive of GST)

4. Biometric with Demographic Update Rs. 100/-(including taxes)

5. Aadhaar download and colour print-out on A4 sheet – Rs.30/- per Aadhaar (Inclusive of GST).

Source: UIDAI

“If visiting an Aadhaar enrolement centre, resident may note that there are no extra charges for the Aadhaar Enrolment/ Correction/ Update Form. Update of more than one field on a single instance is considered as one update. These charges are inclusive of any applicable taxes. The residents can make online payment at the time of booking an online appointment from the UIDAI website or at the ‘Cash Counter’ available at the ASK. You can also find UIDAI approved Fee Structure at url UIDAI Fee Structure.”

How many times can you change name, date of birth, gender in Aadhaar card?

Name updation in Aadhaar

An Aadhaar card holder can now only change his or her name on the Aadhaar card twice, according to a UIDAI office memo.

Date of Birth (DoB) updation Aadhaar card

You can update the Date of Birth (DOB) in your Aadhaar only once. Beyond the limit, it shall be taken as an exceptional case. According to the UIDAI, “ Cases exceeding above limit shall be considered as an exception case. In such cases, resident can put an update request at Aadhaar Centre and then approach the concerned Regional Office of UIDAI for approval of the update under exception. After due diligence by Authorized officials the request shall be approved/rejected. You can update the Date of Birth (DoB) in your Aadhaar with a valid Date of Birth (DoB) proof having your name.

Gender updation in Aadhaar card

According to the memorandum, gender details can be updated only once. According to UIDAI Aadhaar updation FAQ, “You can carry out 2nd time Gender update through exception handling. For the same you can carry out the update at Aadhaar Centre and then approach the concerned Regional Office of UIDAI for approval of update under exception. ”


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