(HCCB), the bottling arm of Coca-Cola in India, on Monday announced the inauguration of its first greenfield, vertical factory at WBIIDC, Raninagar, Jalpaiguri in .

This is the company’s second plant in the state. Both units are located in the same industrial area. HCCB has invested Rs 660 crore In the new digitally-enabled facility.

The unit was inaugurated by CM Mamata Banerjee virtually from Kolkata, during a programme in the city.

Speaking on the occasion, Neeraj Garg, chairman, HCCB, said, “We have invested Rs 660 crore in building this factory. The plant is completely digitised and has the potential to change the future of manufacturing in India.”

“It employs 100 people directly and another 150 people indirectly. This is now the second factory that HCCB operates at WBIIDC, Jalpaiguri. The first factory, in which we have invested Rs 300 crore so far, started in 2000. HCCB has invested nearly Rs 1,000 crore in the two plants in the state. Our older factory already employs 170 people directly and 450 indirectly,” he said.

The factory is built on a 6.9-acre land parcel and is 32-meters tall. The factory has four manufacturing lines, which will produce sparkling drinks and juice products.

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