March 22, 2023

To educate customers on the modus operandi of financial fraudsters and share inputs on safe banking habits, has come out with a community awareness programme called ‘Vigil Aunty’. The bank has roped in actor Anuradha Menon, who will host chat shows on social media platforms to create awareness on cyber frauds.

Until now, the financial sector regulator had taken up the mantle to educate customers on frauds happening in this space.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) runs various campaigns that aim to educate customers on safe banking habits.

The central bank has roped in Amitabh Bachchan, who conveys important messages to customers on safe banking habits via social media.

Vigil Aunty is essentially a play on the word “vigilante” — that is, people outside the realm of law enforcement trying to prevent crime.

“We believe that Vigil Aunty will be highly effective in engaging with people and inspire them to adopt safe banking habits,” said.

While digital banking has become a boon for customers as far as convenience is concerned, it has also led to rise in cyber frauds.

“It has been observed that fraudsters are increasingly adopting social engineering tactics to steal money from customers’ bank accounts,” the bank said.

“On the pretext of offering certain services or promising help, the fraudsters are luring customers into sharing their PINs, OTPs, passwords, and other confidential banking information.

Hence, there is a need to educate customers on safe banking habits and make them aware of the various modus operandi used by fraudsters,” the bank said.

HDFC Bank’s “Vigil Aunty” will act as a social media influencer with presence on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

There will be a dedicated WhatsApp number to connect with customers and the bank’s website will have a dedicated page that will create awareness on cyber fraud.

Vigil Aunty will keep customers informed about the latest trends in digital/cyber frauds, and how to avoid them.

Latest RBI data shows that in 2021-22, frauds to the tune of Rs 60,414 crore were reported, down 56.28 per cent from Rs 1.38 trillion in 2020-21.

However, in terms of number of frauds, these entities reported 23.69 per cent higher frauds at 9,103 in 2021-22 against 7,359 in 2020-21.

Previously, the bank had come out with its “Mooh Band Rakho” campaign to urge people not to share confidential banking information.

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