March 20, 2023

The first part of the Budget Session of Parliament concluded on Friday after debates on the Motion of Thanks on the President’s Address and the General Budget.

The session, which began with the address of President Ram Nath Kovind to both Houses of Parliament assembled together on January 31, will have a three-week recess for members to study the budget proposals of the government.

will meet again on March 14,” Speaker Om Birla said at the conclusion of the first part of the Budget Session.

will take up Demands for Grants, Appropriation Bills and Finance Bill, along with other bills, during the second part of the Budget Session which is scheduled to conclude on April 8.

In his closing remarks, Birla said that despite the challenges of COVID-19, members worked till late night in the House, which resulted in 121 per cent productivity rate.

Birla said that instead of the allotted time of 12 hours for the discussion on the President’s Address, it was held for 15 hours and 13 minutes, in which 60 members participated and another 60 members submitted written speeches.

The Speaker said that instead of the 12 hours allotted for the discussion on the budget, it continued for 15 hours and 33 minutes, in which 81 members participated and another 63 submitted their written remarks.

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