High attrition, moonlighting, and variable pay have put Indian in a tough spot. Along with high employee costs, and low margins, the has been facing high distress, according to a report by Economic Times (ET).

Wipro, one of the four IT majors in India, announced that it will withhold the variable pay of mid, and senior-level employees for the first quarter (Q1FY23) due to poor financial health. The employees in the C bands and above at the IT giant will not receive any variable or performance-linked incentive, ET reported.

“Our Q1 margins were lower at 15% due to inefficiency in our talent supply chain, project margins, and our investments in talent, technology, and solutions during the quarter. Given our underperformance on margins this quarter, our variable pay (including sales incentives) takes a hit,” Wipro’s mail to its employees stated, as reported by ET.

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However, the employees in bands A and B will receive 70 per cent of the variable pay for the quarter. Bands A and B have freshers to team leader-level employees. People in mid to senior-level job roles, having an experience of 7 to 15 years are expected to be affected the most by the crisis.

Other like Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and have also followed suit. had earlier delayed the variable pay for employees in the C3A, C3B, and C4 level jobs.

However, it later announced a 100 per cent variable pay to 600,000 employees.

has announced that it will pay 70 per cent of the variable pay on average to its employees for Q1FY23.

Business Standard had earlier reported that a report by PwC shows that the rates in India are expected to remain high as the millennials and Gen Z are now more inclined towards the work conditions, faster promotions and better pay.

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One of the most prominent reasons for high in the IT industry, according to ET, is moonlighting. It is a situation when a person takes a job while they are already employed somewhere else.

chairman Rishad Premji had tweeted that moonlighting is “cheating- plain and simple”.

recorded high rates in Q1FY23. saw the highest attrition at 28.4 per cent, followed by at 23.8 per cent, and at 23.3 per cent.

Some companies like Swiggy have, however, allowed their full-time employees to take on external projects for money, but it will be subjected to internal approval.

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