March 23, 2023

A number of industry bodies on Wednesday asked the Consumer Affairs Ministry to not implement the one-charger policy until the (EU) does the same, Business Standard has learnt.

“Closer examination of the feasibility of the common charger is required, and the lessons that will be learned from the EU must be closely examined before any precipitate action” a presentation by one of the industry groups said in an internal meeting.

The industry bodies also said that the evidence-based policy making should be based on a thorough market and consumer research with a proper impact assessment on consumer ease against cost preference. Further, it said, digital penetration and accessibility of mobile devices across the length and breadth of India is the most important issue. There is also a need of funding towards wireless charging and interoperability of charging solutions

Speaking of e-waste, the industry bodies said that the one-charger policy might not have the desired effect. “I am not sure that it will impact the e-waste as you can have a common port but not a common charger because the power requirements of different devices are different” said Pankaj Mohindroo, chairman ICEA to Business Standard.

It must also be noted that India is a large base of charger manufacturing and it could affect the industry. “We have a massive manufacturing base and aspire to be world leaders in charger manufacturing, ” said Mohindroo. It could affect the business in India as other countries will also follow suit which will reduce choice and manufacturing. The industry bodies have kept these points across the ministry and the final decision will be reached after the expert committee is set up.

Earlier, speaking to Business Standard Atin Biswas from the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) had said that the adoption of common chargers across all the platforms required a certain amount of re-engineering from the device’s perspective due to differing power requirements. He further elaborated that there was a lack of proper inventory on e-waste in India and the ones responsible for channelling the e-waste to the actual destination are mostly the informal sector.

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