When it comes to selecting the best NFT to buy, it can be difficult to find a collection that meets all of an investor’s requirements. To make it simple to find the best NFT to buy right now, here’s a review of 8 of the most promising NFT presales on the market.

8 Best NFTs to buy in 2022: Reviewed

1. Tamadoge – Overall best NFT to buy

NFTs and meme coins were the biggest trends of last year. Moving forward to 2022, they are still relevant. However, they also largely remain unexplored. Tamadoge is an upcoming NFT project that aims to bridge the gap by combining meme coin, play-to-earn, NFT, and metaverse concepts.


Top media and news websites call it the next Dogecoin or Shiba Inu. But on closer inspection, we find that Tamadoge has more long-term relevance and growth potential than its predecessors. It leverages the brand recognition of DOGE to offer 100x growth opportunities. Let’s see how.

There are two ways to invest in Tamadoge — Tamadoge Pet NFTs and TAMA meme coins. While Tamadoge Pet NFTs are your tickets to fun play-to-earn games, TAMA facilitates transactions and the reward system.

The gameplay involves breeding, training, and battling your Tamadoge NFTs. It is kept simple and engaging to capture non-crypto users and casual gamers as well. The more you play, the more you earn. However, the platform’s focus on gaming skills allows you to climb up the leaderboard and earn valuable rewards with impressive performance. You need to wait till the fourth quarter of 2022 to get Tamadoge NFTs.


However, TAMA Beta Sale is now live on the official Tamadoge website till September 2. It’s your best opportunity to grab them at their lowest price (1 TAMA = $0.01). TAMA Beta Sale is followed by a presale, where the price increases by 25%.

Tamaverse is the metaverse platform of Tamadoge. The play-to-earn opportunities will expand to incorporate augmented reality experiences in the near future. Here are other factors that make TAMA the top meme coin to invest in 2022.

  • Tamadoge has a zero-tax policy on TAMA transactions. This ensures that the token gains value from the project rather than users.
  • Tamadoge has completed KYC from Coinsniper, ruling out the possibilities of a rug pull.
  • The smart contract has completed a security audit by Solid Proof. It mitigates the chances of platform vulnerabilities. According to our sources, the project is founded and developed by owners of some high-profile meme coins.
  • No vesting period for early TAMA investors.
  • Seamless road to CEX listings.


2. The Kleks Academy – Fantasy multi-D NFTs

The next NFT collection we introduce to you is the Kleks Academy, a project inspired by the cult series of children’s novels written by Polish author Jan Brzechwa. The film adaptation of the series, titled The Kleks Academy, is among the five most watched Polish films of the 20th century.

The multi-D NFTs will not just be animated. They will feature six sides with graphics and information unveiled gradually. A new side is revealed every three months with the NFT’s new rarity traits and benefits. They take you on a visual ride through the Kleks Academy metaverse, powered by blockchain technology and augmented reality.


The future owners of the 12,345 Kleks Academy multi-D NFTs will get access to some exciting rewards and experiences. For starters, five FRECKLE$ will be released daily into their FRECKLE$ METER for five years. In case you’re wondering, FRECKLE$ METER measures the creative potential of each multi-D NFT owner. The tokens can be used to own new multi-D NFTs.

The NFTs also give access to unique augmented reality experiences where you can interact with the new Kleks Academy film, games and adventures, and a special weekly mini-documentary from the film set dedicated to academy members. That’s not all. There’re a lot more perks and privileges that accompany the NFTs. To give you a sneak peek, they can get you dinner with Macie Kawulski, the director of the movie! Find out everything about Kleks Academy NFTs and how they revive childhood memories from the official website. Don’t forget to join the Kleks Academy community on Discord to receive the latest updates from the project.

Going forward, the project will launch an augmented reality app where NFT holders can participate in some thrilling games and challenges designed around the Kleks Academy film storyline and characters.

Visit Kleks Academy

3. Battle Infinity – Best sports NFTs

Battle Infinity (IBAT) is an upcoming NFT-based ecosystem blending the Metaverse and play-to-earn (P2E) sectors. The project recently completed its metaverse token (IBAT) presale, selling out just 24 days into the 90-day event. This speaks for its massive growth potential.

One of the core features of Battle Infinity is the IBAT Premier League, a fantasy sports league that is set to roll out during phase-7 of the roadmap. Similar platforms like Dream11 and Mobile Premier League have managed to garner 100 million and 85 million users respectively.


Another excellent feature of Battle Infinity is the IBAT Battle Market, a dedicated NFT marketplace that allows players to trade in-game assets, upgrade their avatars, and mint their own NFT artwork.

In addition to the aforementioned platforms, the Battle Infinity ecosystem also includes a decentralized exchange called IBAT Battle Swap, a P2E games platform dubbed IBAT Battle Games, a metaverse world with customizable avatars titled the IBAT Battle Arena, and a staking platform named IBAT Battle Stake that can be used to earn interest on cryptos.

Overall, IBAT is one of the most promising projects of the year.


4. Lucky Block – New NFT collection with weekly prize draws
Another of the best new NFTs to buy right now is Lucky Block (LBLOCK). It is a project aiming to revolutionise the prize draw sector by implementing blockchain technology in order to create a more efficient and provably fair NFT competition.


The Lucky Block Platinum High Rollers Club is a collection of NFTs that act as entry tickets for the platinum NFT competition which has exciting prizes and will run weekly. However, investors that don’t want to purchase an NFT can still take part in the weekly prize draw featuring exciting prizes like luxury cars, watches, and cash (paid in LBLOCK). The collection is available on NFTLaunchpad – the best place to buy NFTs.

Toward the end of July, Lucky Block will be migrating from the BEP standard to ERC to facilitate listings on centralized exchanges (CEXs). At the end of July, a series of CEX listings will begin starting with the MEXC exchange.

5. Orsetto Gang – NFT project with excellent art

Orsetto Gang is an upcoming NFT project that features 3D NFT artwork based on bears. However, the project isn’t limited to visuals, it’s also packed with utility.


In addition to the extremely well-crafted art, holders also receive full intellectual property rights and 3.5% of transaction fees as rewards. Furthermore, holders will be entered into monthly competitions for party-style prizes like tickets to music festivals.

Orsetto is one of the best NFT presales of the year. It has excellent artwork, a clearly defined roadmap, ample utility, and a strong community so it could be the best NFT to buy.

6. Beings DAO – Inclusive collection with free minting

Beings is a beautifully designed collection with a focus on creating a diverse and united community. A focus on inclusivity and unity is refreshing and bodes well for the project’s community.


In addition to becoming part of an inclusive community that helps share ideas and helps one another out, holders of a Beings NFT are also granted a ‘Master Key’. This key is used to access giveaways and exclusive elements of the platform.

The collection mints for free (other than gas fees). Therefore, Beings has the potential to touch the hearts of investors and become one of the best cheap NFTs on the market.

7. Time Raiders NFT – Upcoming P2E NFT game

Time Raiders is an upcoming P2E NFT game that focuses around traveling through time in order to defeat and loot enemies.


Everything in Time Raiders is tokenized, meaning investors can easily cash out their Time Raiders items for the project’s native $XPND token. Alternatively, these items can be used to power up other tokenised items like characters and weapons.

With the rate at which the demand for P2E games is growing, Time Raiders could be one of the best non-fungible tokens of the year.

8. Whale Lounge – Access pass NFT collection

In the world of crypto and NFTs, information is the king. Whale Lounge is a new collection aiming to tokenise advice by creating an NFT-based access pass.


There will be a total of 3,000 Whale Lounge NFTs created, each acting as an access pass for exclusive aspects of the Whale Lounge platform. The lounge is designed to provide investors with the rundown of the latest NFT and crypto projects with potential.

With resources like an NFT sniper, it could be the best NFT to buy right now for frequent investors.

How to buy TAMA meme coins?

Step 1: You can buy TAMA in ETH/USDT. If you don’t already have ETH/USDT in your wallet, you can get them from any crypto exchange like Coinbase or eToro. The platform also provides the option to buy ETH directly via credit or debit card from the official presale website.

Step 2: Connect your crypto wallet to the
Tamadoge presale page. We recommend using Metamask or Trust Wallet.

Step 3: Enter the amount of TAMA you want to purchase. Click [Convert ETH] and [Confirm] after verifying the info. There is no min or max limit. To make the best of the opportunity, we recommend buying a minimum of $150 (worth ETH or USDT).

Step 4: Claim your TAMA tokens after the presale.

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